Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hmwhat? Money online you say? Interesting...

Has anyone I know even tried a Pay to Click site? I know only alec has really tried that kind of stuff, and I'm a frequent flier. What about a writing for money site? Ads for Points? It all jumbles in together. Keep up with my next few blogs, because I'm gonna name off my top money makers online...
Oh wow, Helium is the bomb. Back in 8th grade, I really wanted to improve my writing skills, and what better way to do that then have an entire internet community edit your work? It also works to add a little extra bling-bling. I submitted about 30 articles, participated in a write-a-thon, where I got paid 1$ for every article I wrote well. I had started it for being a game reviewer, but I soon got into contests and the marketplace. I competed in a contest about Computer Audio, and won first place. I earned 75$, straight into my paypal account. Everyone congratulated me, because I was such a young writer, and had earned so much on his first contest. I participated in a few after that, and got a bit of extra cash for myself.

Total money earned from - 115$
Total time taken to earn that money - About a month, I worked hard for a few weeks
Other Comments - Very nice if you want to be a writer, good practace for school.

That wraps up todays Money making way. Check back tomorrow for more stuff.

Beep Beep, I'm a jeep,

P.S - Here's my Helium Page

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, Finally got a blog up

Heh. Been meaning to do this for a while now, seeing as I have nothing better to do. Today is December the 10th, and I could not be more bored. I swear, something must be up today.

Well, general news I guess...

Last trimester, I worked hard in all my classes, which are...
-Game Design (B)
-Web Design (A)
-Geometry (A)
-Health (A)
-Science/Physics (A)

My dad told me that he would pay for the nice new 24 inch beast of a monitor I just got if I got straight A's. Well, I did, to a certain extent. Honestly, I didn't care much for the game design class. I got a B in it, so I'm only paying for about a fourth of my monitor, or something like that. That's about 150$. I couldn't be more excited about that.