Friday, March 20, 2009

NeoBux Guide

To Iliya - How to manage my Neobux account while I'm gone

Please remember to do these things EVERY DAY, as if they aren't, stuff starts to go VERY wrong.

Step 1 - Go to Sign in. This step should be easy

Username - Andrewwilsonnn
Password - gohome1234
Enter the captcha, as I dont have a secondary password

Step 2 - At the top right of the screen, hit Advertisements. There is a little red number next to it.
Step 3 - Click the first one, the star should be gold. It will open a new page. There will be a loading bar at the top left of the screen. Wait for that to finish loading. You can play wow while you wait for it. Each bar is 30 seconds long, and you need to wait until it says "Verified, .01$ has been put in your account.

Step 4 - After every ad for the day is clicked, hit AndrewWilsonnn in the top right corner

Step 5 - Scroll down, and hit "Rental Balance"
Step 6 - Hit the "Neobux Main Balance" button
Step 7 - If you're doing this daily, there should be 4-6$ in the NB account. select the amount, then hit the "Neobux - pay with your balance" button.

Step 7 - Click Andrewwilsonnn again.
Step 8 - On the left side of the screen, there is a yellow options menu. Under refferals, click rented.

Step 9 - You will see a list of my current refferals. At the top of the list, in the blue bar, there will be a button that says "Next Payment". Hit it until you get and arrow that is pointing UP

Below this button, There will be a list of days and hours left until the ref expires. The first on the list, and as many as you can after, check the boxes to the right of their numbers. Once you've checked a few, dont check them all, scroll to the bottom of the page. There will be a selection bar. Click it, and select "Pay for 30 More days"

You will get a price above that. If it's red, you can afford it. Note that each ref costs 22 cents to renew for a month, so each checkbox is worth 22 cents. The money will be taken out of the Rental Account I had you put money in a few steps ago.
"Step 5 - Scroll down, and hit "Rental Balance""

That one. You will do it every day, deposit every time you get a few $, then repeat the renewal process. Do this every day. Thats it, just renew, dont do anything else. Dont recycle, dont play the jackpots, dont rent refferals. Dont mess with the personal settings, just follow those steps down to the word. Kay?

PLEEEEEAAAASEEEEE don't mess this up, this needs to be done EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I dont want to come back from a long, tiring trip, to have to work some more to fix my account.