Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Absolute Starcraft 2 Domination

Hell yeah, I just finished one of the greatest matches I have ever played...

Started off Protoss(Me) Vs. Terran. I started by building a robotics bay as soon as I could. Put out a transport ship and expanded to the island bases hella fast (Playing Lost Temple). Around 20 minutes in, I had 3 full bases, my main, and 2 island bases. He ran in with an army of marauders and tears down my main base. Whatever, they can't set feet on my islands without getting slaughtered...

I took my dropship and made a few random bases throughout the map. Got me a little bit of minerals before he went around and destroyed them. He began to mock me, saying things like "Wow, you absolutely suck" and "Give up yet? You have nothing left lol". No, good sir, I don't give up until I know I'm beaten.

Oh, did I forget to tell you that I had 2 starports on each base? I began to mass carriers. Oh, this is getting good. I moved all my carriers to a remote corner of the map (Around 20 of them, fully upgraded with level 3 Armor and weapons and quick interceptors.

Uh oh! He found my base! 1 base left, I'm sitting in the corner with around 22 carriers, waiting. I see him begin to go for my last base. I send my forces there. He arrives with a small army of tanks, marauders, and a few anti air units. Then, he meets my carriers. In all of 20 seconds, his entire army is obliterated. I take 7 carriers each team and go to each of his bases, wiping them all out in a matter of 3-5 minutes. Once I had 1 base to go, I said "Did you think I would just sit idly by while you destroyed my bases? Rofl..." I wiped out his last base with a smile on my face :D

So.... Much.... Fun.... I'm betting the guy feels like shit now :P. An hour of work for 1 match, and its over in 5 minutes.

Feel free to add me on SC2, "AndrewWilson - 872"


  1. "oh yeah. I'm a weak little lamb. don't hurt me don't...oh. right. Teeth, that's what these are"

  2. Engaging story, for a second i thought i was actually playing

  3. hahah very nice. Carriers are underrated. I never see toss players using them as much. It's the typical void rays :P

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  5. Very Cool, thanks for sharing your knowledge =)