Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OhGawd Starcraft 2!!!

This game man... This game... Its like a sex explosion for my computer...

Just picked it up this past saturday, and I gotta say, I love it just as much as the original starcraft, if not even more. First thing I did when I installed it was play a match as protoss. Goddamn, they are so much fun to play...

My opponent asked if this was my first time playing SC2.
"Yep, just got it today"... He never asked if I had played the original SC... In about 15 minutes, I had 4 bases, a shitton of stalkers, and my mothership. My strategy for this guy was so fuckin funny. I managed to walk my stalkers into his base unseen, my mothership floating over the group of them. The minute he managed to destroy the ship, to him, 30 stalkers just seemed to magically appear inside his base, raping him...

"First time, eh?"
"Yup :D"

I still have yet to play as the zerg or terran, but I just love protoss so much!

OH! And if you want to add me, my email is Andrewwilsonnn@gmail.com


  1. Alright, you captured me with the first line. I MUST get this game lol

  2. Everyone's talking about Starcraft...

    I really should get this game soon....

  3. I edited this with my email so you can add me when you get it :D

  4. "This game man... This game... Its like a sex explosion for my computer..."

    I think my PC feels the same way :p

  5. I don't even have it, but with all I read about this, I feel more and more that I need to buy Starcraft II

  6. SC2 is the first game I really enjoyed playing since a couple years!